Imminent removal of diseased trees

Some of our Whalley Range trees need to be removed

These are the trees which had been initially identified as ‘possibly’ having hidden internal decay following a ‘Visual Tree Inspection’ by our arboriculture team. They have then been tested with electronic ‘decay detection equipment’ and found to have significant internal decay. The ones in the list below have been found to have decay that has advanced to the point where the tree should now be removed.

All the limes are large mature trees, the cherries are obviously smaller. The Council intends to remove them one at a time between now and leaf out in April. New replacement lime and cherry trees have been ordered and will be replanted as close to the original tree as underground constraints allow.

In no particular order, twelve trees in total;

3 Alness Road – Lime
Mayfield Road, at side of 16 Alness Road – Lime
54 Mayfield Road –  Lime
21 Range Road – Lime
25 Range Road – Lime
94/96 Dudley Road -Lime
9 Stanley Road – Lime
6 Rowan Avenue – Cherry
9/11 Rowan Avenue – Cherry
13/13a Rowen Avenue – Cherry
Russell Road opposite Deeping Avenue – Lime
Russell Road opposite 35 – Lime