Tai Chi with Kaz Karim @ JNR8

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Mondays  at 1:30-2:30 pm

Evening session coming soon!

For men and women of all ages

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What is Taiji?

Tai Chi is a unique system of exercises based upon the principle of relaxed breathing, rhythmical movement and balance.

There are three main components:
1. Chi Kung – a series of breathing exercises designed to stimulate internal organs by working on the meridians and promoting the flow of internal energy or “chi” (according to Chinese medicine)
2. Tai Chi Form – a series of slow graceful movements that train the person to concentrate on weight shift, body alignment and balance.
3. Sensing hands – a series of non-competitive exercises or applications of Taiji practised with a partner and designed to improve sensitivity and awareness.

No special clothing is required though loose comfortable clothing is preferable.

JNR8 Youth & Community Centre, 82 Cromwell Avenue, Whalley Range, M16 0BG