Open call out for Manchester Day, Caribbean Carnival and Alexandra Park Celebration day

Open call out for Manchester Day, Caribbean Carnival and Alexandra Park Celebration day

Creative meeting Tuesday 17 May, 6.15pm, Alexandra Park Pavilion Cafe



As part of the Alexandra Park arts forum / events group, we are looking for groups and individuals to come together to make a super group which will create a float and costumes that will celebrate all things to do with the Park and feature in:

  • Manchester Day, Sunday 19 June (the theme this year is Eureka)


  • Caribbean Carnival, Saturday 13 August


  • The Park’s celebration day, Saturday 17 or Sunday 18 September

The float and costumes are being designed by professional carnival makers – Carl and Lynette Gabriel and Pareesha Webster. You’ll be supported by these artists, and this is a great chance to develop new skills, meet new people and showcase the fantastic range of individuals and communities that use Alexandra Park.  The making will happen in a series of workshops – which are a great opportunity to try something different – and you’ll have an amazing time as part of the events themselves.

You can get involved as a performer / participant

Or in the making process / behind the scenes … or both!

We are looking for about 50 people to get involved. And we’d like to work with you!


How do I get involved? Creative ideas meeting on Tuesday 17 May

We have had two meetings already and agreed that we think we can create something for all three events. At our next meeting, the artists involved will be coming to discuss ideas and we’ll also look at when the workshops might happen – then we can get started. So this is your chance to help shape what the thing will look like! Come along with your ideas

If you’re interested but can’t attended the meeting, please let Ben know and we’ll keep you informed as things progress 07976 560 498


If you know other people or groups who might be interested, please spread the word and ask them if they’d like to get involved


So come and get involved in this exciting project on Tuesday 17 May, 6.15pm … a chance to celebrate all that is great about Alexandra Park.


What is Manchester Day / Carnival / the Celebration Day?

You can watch a film about Manchester Day 2015 here – it includes some of Carl, Lynette’s and Pareesha’s work


You can find out more about Manchester Day 2016 here


The Caribbean Carnival returned to Alexandra Park in 2015 for one of its most successful events yet


Alexandra Park’s annual celebration day is a chance to bring together the different forums that deliver activities in the Park – friends, heritage, sports, wildlife and arts – to promote opportunities for participation with people who use the Park