Alexandra Park Heritage Group Agenda

Alexandra Park Heritage Group

Heritage Group on Wednesday October19th 2016 at at Chorlton Lodge

Agenda —

Election of Chair/ welcome /attendance/ apology;

Minutes and matters arising- adoption of the July meeting.

The main Item will be to continue scoping for own video with Fred and Lucia.

This will be 2pm to 3pm and will include Phil and others who want to contribute to the video.

The from 3pm

Sunday openings of Chorlton Lodge:

Report back from the HL open day.

Do we want to continue Sunday opening or should we try and focus on specific days and events?

The Governance Board.

The Women’s Peace Crusade- feedback from this event

Oral Histories- where are we up to?

The students /The Story Boards- and book update.

The Budget. The budget and bank account and problems


Date of next meetings.

We have agreed to meet the third Wednesday of the month- but we may need to review this to accommodate everyone.

(the next one will be Wednesday 16th November

These will all be at Chorlton Lodge.

Alexandra Park Heritage Group

Minutes of meeting held on Thursday 21st  July  2016 in Chorlton Lodge at 2.30pm

Present:, , Jenni Gomes, Jean Wheale,  Gary Nip,  Angela Downing,  Fred Coker Lucia and John Keys.   Apologies Mary Watson,  Malgorzata K, Jenny Riley,                           

Agenda Items

Minutes and Matters arising.  All the items in the minutes recurred in the agenda. The Minutes  were accepted as correct. Jenni Chaired the meeting.

OPEN Sundays: Review of Sunday 3rd July –Jackie Auld bought the  Ahmed Iqbal Ullah Race relations Unit (based in Central Library Manchester, but part of the University of Manchester) and she had sufficient visitors and interest, including Mrs Brandy who was one of the founders of the Carnival. At 2pm we had the a power point presentation on the Park by Anne Beswick.15 members of the Hulme Local History group plus Mrs Brandy,  Dave S and Howard from the Friends, Tony Oliver  plus Jenny R and Angela, a total of 20 which was the maximum for the room. After the talk, Anne led a short walk to the Teahive. We have ha da thanks you card from the Hulme Group who appreciated the contact.

September will be busy:

September 3 will be a craft and costume day for the Peace Crusade video and also for the Heritage Lottery Open day. We will make the banner, placards, cut out doves and prepare the Badges. We have the “Park Event booking“ and a “risk assessment” form for completion.  Gary has offered to help us make a design for the badges and the banners. Plus we will “hang the CO exhibition” ready for Heritage Lottery Open day.

On Sunday 4th – if the Litter Pick is going ahead- we will open the Lodge for clearing up after the crafts and collection of any lost property and making sure that all is ready for the 11th.

The CO Exhibition- currently at the Friends Meeting House. Jenni and Francis are working out how to hang it here and are bringing it here. We need another picture rail, along the wall in the kitchen. There are 15 Boards. We need a team of helpers to put these up. As soon as we have the date for doing this- somewhere around Sept 1st– we will ask for a team of Volunteers to help with this- need 6 people.

Heritage Lottery Open day on the 11th –we need as much help as possible. We will be open from 12 to 4pm. There will be a Guided walk at 2pm. We will have the CO exhibition, making peace doves for the whispering tree etc, plus guided walk.

Saturday October   – the making of the DVD. This will be based from the Lodge. It will need about 100 demonstrators. We have the “Park Event booking“ and a “risk assessment” form for completion.

Memory Boards. Jacek has finished the first one, which is a”request for memory collection for the Carnival”. He will now work on another board, which is “a request for general memories”, the third one will be “ Early Sports and Games “ in the Park. Boards no 4/5 will be on the cactus houses and curators etc. Board No 6 will be “ rock against Racism” as we have access to a web site.  The boards will be reviewed again in September- and will depend how much time is available to complete them. Jacek has to complete his dissertation by October.

Maps Gary is helping us with the peace crusade- working hard on the maps – John has found one of the original award winning plans, which can be framed. A whalley Range resident. Mark Fowles has lent us his report from 2000. This has a good collection of Maps and they have been scanned by Max in Archivesplus and by John.

The Book.  Peter has finally taken away the resources and they are getting down to the task, There is no completion date. There needs to be a formal email asking for a definite date from them?

The video and web platform. Fred presented his overview of having a web platform so that all information about the Park can be lodged in one place. Lucia talked about the need to video over the summer-as so much is happening and is representative of such a diverse community. John said that we have permission to video, but with the usual concern about videoing children and not upsetting anyone. Lucia and Fred want us to meet to plot out the scope of what we want to cover, suggestion that we meet one evening- and concentrate on this. Tuesday Sept 20th. Lucia and Fred will also make a budget and outline of what they intend to do and the cost. They will send this to us.

Ie for example exisiting videos include Fred’s one on the Suffragette tree, Eve’s Bike rides, Kotte has made some, the NW film Archive has a collection ( the catalogue) is on line.

The Park archives are scattered but include the Park, Archivesplus, the City Art Gallery, John Rylands Library, The Manchester Museum and private individuals. We need to record what we have, what we know exists and where it all is etc.

Budget. This is a standing item. We have spent much money £200 for Anne Beswick, and need £600 for the story boards and Jacek’s expenses.

There will be not meeting in August and we will not open on Sunday in August.

The next meeting will be Thursday 15 Septembe  at 2.30pm.   This will be at Chorlton Lodge.  Mary is finding Thursday afternoons difficult, so it was agreed that we will discuss whether changing day to Wednesday is an option for everyone, will be on the agenda at the next meeting.

Dates ( John please book the Lodge)

Saturday 3rd – preparation for open day on Sunday 11th September ( 12pm to 2pm) ( all needed). Putting up the CO exhibition, making peace crusade badges, peace doves in Lodge. In the depot a banner making session and making placards.

Sunday 4th September- tidy up the Lodge and sort out any lost property.

Sunday 11 th September Heritage lottery open day- peace theme- badges, hanging wishes on tree, display from the COs ( we need more picture rails).  Plus at 2pm a Guided walk by Anne Beswick (probably the last one we can finance)

For making the video  Saturday 1st October from 10 am to 5pm

Sunday 2nd October – tidy up the Lodge and sort out any lost property